Geraint Smith Fine Art Photography

Rio Grande del Norte: An Intimate Portrait

Photos from the Upper Rio Grande Region of Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado
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Rio Grande del Norte: An Intimate Portrait.
Photographs from the Upper Rio Grande

160 pages of full color images from the Upper Rio Grande region of
northern New Mexico and southern Colorado.

Published by Dog Soldier Press
Printed in Canada
With a foreword by Taos author John Nichols.

A quote from the foreword by Taos Author John Nichols:

"In this collection of images, Geraint Smith has given us a view of the
Rio Grande del Norte area that is sublime.
The view can be subdued and delicately poetic … or truly sensational."

Quotes from the book:

"The natural beauty of the rivers that flow through spectacular
landscapes, inhabited by an abundance of wildlife, is perhaps
the common denominator that continues to inspire people
who live here as well as those visiting for the first time."

"Over time things change; often unnoticed are things
that remain the same."

"Transformation happens quickly on the Mesa and
compels a close look."

"Old corrals scattered across the plateau are dilapidated
memorials to the large sheep herds that once grazed the
Mesa’s grasslands."

"To see all or any of these magnificent creatures, the
intimate details of nature, and the vast landscapes and canyons
we share, I encourage you to venture into The Rio Grande del
Norte with reverence and wonder. The adventure just might
change your life."




All images are Copyright © Geraint Smith 2005 - 2014